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10 / 2021

spotted - update:Oct/11/ 02:13
bree and nathan going to the movies behind ahriannas back and aracelis

spotted - update:Oct/10/ 02:31
dan and blair are going out with each other behind chuck's back

autumn in new york - update:Oct/6/ 06:06
get your jackets and boots ready because cold season is right around the corner! this outfit is perfect or fall or winter. throw in that pair of leather in your outfit and you’ll rock that runway!...

serena back for good? - update:Oct/6/ 03:15
spotted: serena vander woodsen back from iceland and leaving b’s penthouse unhappy.. her visit was short but cold. could this be another cat fight? or another heart-to-heart moment? well, whatever it is we’re up for it. don’t believe me? see for yourselves. lucky for us, bella9...